Rich Universe Network Limited holds a remarkable connectivity in the Indian media sector, which helps us in promoting our clients social, print and electronic media needs. We assist our clients in selecting appropriate media platforms to promote their corporate mission. This not only helps in establishing brand, it strengthens the goodwill of the brand as well. In today’s market scenario, where seeing is believing works, media plays a vital role. With our strong network in media, we help our clients and investors to realize their mission of reaching millions of consumers easily.. Some of our prominent PR affairs:
  • Corporate Communications: We help corporates in realising their aspiration of establishing a brand. This is a multi-phase activity in which we work in tandem with corporates. This comprises many facets like providing market feedback for improvement of product and services, guidance in meeting and clearance of Indian Standards. We even help in implementing Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) by observing self-regulating mechanism and encourage a positive impact through activities for the environment, consumers, employees, communities, stakeholders etc.